We are the Rewind team and we are launching our new collection which can quickly adapt to the owner`s needs. The idea of it is to be always up-to-date and outside the fashion trends. Today we present our new transformer model made of the parachute, jacket cape Downwind. Like the downwind, it is always accurate and relevant. 



Downwind can be nicely stowed in a pocket bag. When it is needed, the coat can protect from the piercing wind not only your back but also the knees. It can be transformed into a little bag where you can stow random purchase or just to empty your hands and pockets from the stuff. 






Introducing our innovative jacket-cloak transformer, which is crafted from upcycled parachutes. We designed it for individuals who prioritize sustainability, functionality, and style.

We wanted to create a perfect companion which can easily adjust to the owner`s needs and boosts their safety and comfort.


It is able to be transformed into a shopper bag and be folded into the cover. Hi-viz stripes will protect their owners at night, either you are an active citizen, eco-tourist, or an adventure seeker. 


The main idea is to stay eco-friendly. We believe that fashion should be conscious, sustainable, and ecological. We can decrease our environmental influence by recycling and reusing materials. 


Putting the sewing pattern on top of the parachute fabric creates its own unique color scheme. Two identical pieces simply do not exist. 





From jacket to cape

One of the main ideas during developing our piece was to let it transform from the cape to the normal jacket or even shopper, or back from the back to the coat. Depending on the weather, you can wear it as a normal jacket or bundle up with a cape. The bottom of the coat can be easily transformed into a bag using the buttons or can be folded into the same bag fitted on the back. 




Compact transporting

When the coat is not in use, you can easily fold it into its cover and attach it to your belt or bag. When folded, it looks like a parachute case which we see like a great allusion to the material which it is made of. As the parachute case protects the pilot, same way our coat can rescue you in difficult situations if the weather changes suddenly. The pocket bag which it can be folded into also has a loop, so you can attach it to anywhere. 



Built-in shopper

The coat can be transformed not just to a jacket, but also to a shopper where you can stow your unplanned purchases. 



 Light-reflective stripes

For your own safety in the hours of darkness, we added some hi-viz elements to our jackets.



Pocket for daily stuff

When the owner wears it as a jacket, the pocket-cover is empty so you can put your stuff inside and close it with the zip locker. Also outside there are two plastic loops that can be used to attach something like a blazer or a torch.




Pocket with the background story

On the left sleeve there`s a little pocket which is a historically unique and recognizable reference. It was developed for the pilots specially to put there cigarette packs, but later it became just a decorative piece where you can put pencil, keys or other little things.


















The jacket coat will be provided also in black color. It has its own unique graphic design crossed with hi-viz straps. Made of 100% recycled fabric. 






Sleeve chevrons:

  • Peace is a highly recognizable sign all around the world.
  • Upcycling shows our inspiration path to give a second life to old things. 
  • Parachute emphasizes the material which it is made of.






We met during a sailing trip and became good friends at once. Next, after passing the sailing school, we became not just random people who sometimes meet up at the sea, we started to enhance our leisure time, searching for new ideas and topics for further development. 


Rewind brand logo was created naturally, the idea was that we can say metaphorically on the same wavelength with our thoughts, combining all our ideas and feelings.

We also share the idea of upcycling. We believe that the old things which are already out of use can still have a second completely different life. 


First, we were thinking to implement this idea for the sails, real friends, and companions of any sailor in the sea. As they have their service life, we wanted to give them a second chance in completely different things after their original time is gone. 


Then we moved to the parachute, the air element. This is a fully synthetic fabric. Durable, reliable, it doesn`t rot, but using it on its original purpose for a long time is impossible. So we took a look at a C-4Y parachute, thought about what we can do, changed the function leaving the original design and this is how our Downwind was created.