Our team united during a sea trip. Yachting has ceased to be just a sport or a leisure activity, it has turned into a marine lifestyle that has completely captivated us. The sea has hardened and fused us in a powerful community of skippers, who guided by their own experience, want to change the clothes creation approach. 



We, the founders of REwind, Oleg Volosovskiy and Andriy Shpetnyy, met while sailing. We instantly formed a strong friendship because the sea is a powerful catalyst - shared emotions, mutual help, mutual understanding, and existence as a whole team - it makes you friends for life or suddenly strangers forever.

Further, having passed the skipper school, the maritime hobby has become an integral part of continuous life in the marine community. You are no longer just friends at sea. You meet, communicate, and look for even more common and interesting topics for their further development. The love of adventure, the power of the wind, the waves, and the blue of the sea united them into a unique Maritime community.


The spirit of the brotherhood of the sea cannot be understood from books. It can only be lived in the company of like-minded people, seeing the world, feeling the power of the sea wave, and overcoming all the trials of the sea.




The main forces in the sea are water, wind, and sails. They need to be understood, felt, loved, and respected. They saturate with the spirit of maritime brotherhood, when people from different countries, despite their rank and age, help each other, work as a team and always come to the rescue.