We create different things - both new ones and admire upcycling - the opportunity to rethink things that can get a second, absolutely unique life.

At first, this idea lived for sails - real, strong, loyal, and most reliable friends of a sailor at sea. But, unfortunately, they have their own time of existence, and we wanted to extend their age in everyday items so as not to part with them.



We have teamed up with companies producing various equipment (boats, sportswear) to create unique products with original designs and reflections of creativity in the marine theme. This allows you to make things for everyday use. But at the same time sporty and professional, to feel like on the deck of a yacht every day.



We are moving in the following directions - fashion, casual, equipment, furniture, accessories, and jewelry. To add community marks to everyday wear, they developed patches and chevrons, and for the most devoted brothers, they created a series of tattoos with purely maritime history.

We want to find as many uses as possible for scrap parts from yachts or large boats through upcycling.



REwind is an innovative concept that fills “exhausted” sails with new energy and gives them a second chance to live a new life serving professionals, vagrants, and dreamers aesthetically and functionally!

RE is not only a symbol of “rewind,” a return to the beginning, but also RE-innovation, the RE-integration of an ancient dream symbol into the highest quality products with a new purpose.

Sail Upcycling - a new transformation cycle to serve a person - aspiring and dreaming! Fresh wind to sail!