REwind clothing brand


Brand idea - Adventure-proof fashion

RЕwind – is a Ukrainian clothing brand for adventurers with the wind in their hearts and the sea in their minds. REwind recycles old used sails and reinvents them into stylish items of clothing: polo, jackets, pants, mittens and backpacks.

Our collections present various lines, including sustainable uniforms for sailors and casual, inspired by a maritime lifestyle. Activewear is comfortable and functional, perfect for daily use, yachting or enjoying a promenade around the city.


All the equipment corresponds to the strictest weather requirements.
Each item is inspired by a unique vintage sail, creating storytelling. Details on clothing are embellished with amulets, which gives confidence in travels and creates a connection between the land and the sea, calling to action.

We also have a production base with a complete production cycle, which allows us to control product quality at all stages. 

We believe that adventure is a lifestyle, not a goal. It can be an extreme sailing trip, a long-awaited vacation with close friends, or a family weekend. So, whether you're racing under sail on stormy seas, enjoying the beautiful scenery, or just watching a new day being born, REwind will make these moments unique.





The lifestyle of "wind people" is sophisticated. This lifestyle distinguishes yachtsmen at sea and during meetings in marinas.

We want to enable everyone to experience the world of technological design in all aspects, in clothing, equipment and especially in yachts.

Sailors live by intuition and feelings and are the real treasury of omens. They understand the mechanisms of wind changes, feel the cues of the waves and always recognize each other by the signs marked on their clothing. 

We want to reveal the secrets of the marine lifestyle to those interested. We share our experience in two lines of clothing full of signs - aesthetically practical Casual and technologically emotional Outfit, which complement each other and charge with the power of the elements, thirst for travel, and drag into the world of yachting forever.

 Outfit Set


Upcycling - speaking the language of sails

We turn used sails into a mascot. The main unifying element of the REwind brand is the applique, which influenced the signs of the collection, a maritime identity, and reminded the owner of the rustle of real sails flapping in the wind of the sea. These elements allow us to connect with the utilitarian nature of sails that have outlived their sea life.


Telltails - fusion with the wind

Wind telltails are an assistant in setting sails. They are a simple but indispensable tool, an important milestone for each sailor. Silicone ribbon became one of the main elements of REwind's branding. A turquoise-blue sea-coloured silicone ribbon, fixed in a circle patch, easily captures the wind direction. It allows the clothing to become a stage for a playful, aerodynamic performance. The owner can feel like a real staysail - the sail that first meets the wind.



Functional fashion - we focus on quality and long service life

The seafarer's uniform gains the status of self-expression, leaving safety, comfort, and free movement in the forefront. We pay special attention to the high-performance characteristics of versatile clothing for spending time at sea, in the mountains, and during outdoor activities. 

The creation process of the Outfit collection includes a continuous interaction of the architect-designer-skipper with a team of technologists and sportswear designers.

The aesthetics we dreamed about were integrated into the already comfortable and functional cloth and turned into designer products. We focus on ergonomic and anatomical cuts, modern materials - waterproof, breathable, thermoregulating fabrics, all methods of technological assembly of things, and the functionality of the equipment. 

For us, real life is at sea, inspired by the energy of the wind and life on the land is full of preparations for the next journey.