Welcome to Rewind Bags Collection – where sails meet sustainability. Our bags are crafted with upcycled sails, Cordura, and ocean debris fabric, merging maritime spirit with environmental consciousness.




The collection includes sophisticated models, a backpack, a waist bag, a travel bag, and organizers. Each has its own functional features designed for your comfort.

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The "Captain" bag is designed to emphasize the identity of the owner - a powerful skipper, or an occasional fan of sea travel. 

Capitain in city

Capitain bag in city 2

  • A variety of yachting details - sails, zigzag stitching, yacht carbines, intertwining cables, a lace, a telltale.
  • Constructed from two types of used sailcloth, recycled ocean trash fabric, and heavy-duty black CORDURA.
  • Waterproof construction.

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  • Dedicated tablet compartment with neoprene protection. 
  • Includes organizer for documents, passports, phone, and wallet, which can be carried separately. 
  • Can be fitted with shopper and organizer pouches.

 Capitain Style


Emotional details

  • The silicone telltale will always tell you the direction of the wind.
  • A yacht carbine with a swivel and a cleat.
  • The zigzag stitching on the front is used in sailing. It gives a clear sense of being at sea.

 Whater capitain

Capitain on grass


Fender logo

Fender GIF

The collection is inspired by the wind and sailing. The name of the bag - "Fender" - is inspired by the ship's fenders on board a yacht. Its characteristics are elastic and resistant to deformation.

Fender in city

Fender on Yacht

Fender triptich

Important details

  • Made from recycled sails, ocean waste, and CORDURA.
  • Waterproof construction.
  • The main compartment with multiple organizer pockets and a secure zip.
  • Key carabiner on a nylon strap.
  • Hidden pocket.
  • Decorated with laces and yacht carbines.
  • Soft adjustable waistband with Fastex closure for comfort.
  • Can be supplemented with a duster-shopper.

Fender on grass

Fender on grass 2


Locker logo

Locker GIF

A transformer bag with no functional limitations. It can be used as a bag for cosmetics, medicines, children's toys or pens, and other important small items. It all depends on the needs and requirements of the trip.

Locker in the Car

Locker in the car 2

The main case has several quick-access pockets. It folds three times, with a pocket in each of the three folds. 

Locker in travel

The pockets are different and can be arranged in a convenient order or used separately.

Locker on grass

Locker on grass 2


Organizer logo

Organizer GIF

An insertable bag that can hold documents, a tablet - everything you need when traveling. It can be used with a backpack or a bag from our collection (it has clips and there are attachments for backpacks).

Organizer GIF 2

Organizer triptich

Organizer GIF 3

Can be used separately - it has its own detachable shoulder strap.

Organizer on the grass


Shopper logo

Sjopper gif

The shopper bag protects the main bag from dirt or comes to rescue in the shop.

Shopper roller

Shopper triptih

Shopper in the Market

The shopper bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, takes up minimal space when folded, and is not heavy. It can also be used separately.

Shopper on the grass





We consider sports to be a powerful element in maintaining mental health.

We dream of the sea and sails, and we love tennis.

We wanted to turn an emotion into a real product, an object of inspiration into a convenient thing.


In skillful hands with a detailed technical task from professional tennis players, we created an incredible bag. Impressive design, the ability to transform into a backpack or bag, pockets on the outside and various compartments inside, professional fittings and emotional yacht accent details - all this is the ensemble of the new Rewind upcycling design.



 The bag is made of two types of used sails, recycled ocean garbage fabric and heavy-duty black CORDURA. This cross-body transformer bag/backpack is waterproof.



In the office

In the sea of fashion ideas, we have chosen the path of emotional design. Lots of nautical details are complemented by iconic elements. We make each bag unique and unrepeatable, introducing non-sailors to the items they need on a boat.

Unique 2



Upcycling GIF

The idea of upcycling in our project is to restore and give a second life to used sails that would otherwise become waste. We turn these sails into unique and stylish bags while retaining their durability and nautical character. 

Upcycling 2

At the same time, we also use fabric made from recycled marine waste to underline our commitment to environmental sustainability. Upcycling allows us not only to create exquisite accessories but also to make the world a cleaner place and conserve its resources.


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Our team came together during a sailing trip, and sailing became not just a leisure activity, recreation, or sport, but a maritime lifestyle that captivated us. The sea has hardened us and fused us into a powerful community of skippers who, guided by their own experiences, want to change the approach to creating clothing.

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