Casual - the feeling of a lifestyle

The Саsual collection allows people who never experienced sea voyages to feel, even on the shore, belonging to the community of yachtsmen, to plunge into a vortex of adventure and to get inspired by the sea lifestyle. 

The clothes maintain a delicate balance between sensations: extreme, sophisticated, sexy and comfortable at the same time.  



Ornaments inspired by the elements of professional equipment are used in the Casual line, reflected in forms and materials.

The collection is suitable for summer, fall and spring. Comfortable wear, for both sailing a daily life: jackets, windbreakers, shirts, polos, panamas, hats, pants, shorts, mittens, shoes, watches, glasses, backpacks and chevrons.




Fliss Jacket

Polo (Grey)

Polo (Carribean blue)

Polo (White)

Shirt (Carribean blue)

Shirt (Light grey)







Cooling T-shirts (White)


Cooling T-shirts (Carribean blue)

Skirt (Carribean blue)



Cooling t-shirt (Carribean blue)


Cooling t-shirt (Carribean blue)